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Re: [Xen-users] Verification of Debian Xen netboot images


> I've asked this question on the Debian User's list but didn't receive a
> response. I'm not sure which list would be the most appropriate list to
> ask this question. If this is not the right list and you know where I
> should go with my question, please let me know.

I think the debian list would be more appropriate, as it is more likely
that the maintainer read those messages.

> Why would these two mirrors not have the same files? How can I verify these
> images before using them? Am I mistaken to think these netboot images
> are part of the official debian installer?

I think the netboot is something official, but if you compare the time
of file creation, you will notice a difference of a few days. It is
totally possible that the older mirror is just out of sync, with some
minor changes in between.
Somewhere should be a contact info for those servers. Maybe ask the
maintainer if they are out of sync.
But please note that this are only guesses. I did not use debian for a
long time, but in my opinion the given reason is plausible.

Also, please start a new thread on the Mailing list, instead of
responding to a totally different topic.


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