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Re: [Xen-users] dom0 X11Forwarding breaks in Xenial & fc24 under Xen

Problem solved. I had used a non-standard kernel param to disable ipv6:

Amazingly, I did it to Xenial & Fc24 only. Sorry for the noise.

On Monday, July 4, 2016 11:54 AM, Mark Pryor <tlviewer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I have Xen 4.6.3 from source, packaged accordingly in Xenial & Fc24.

When I launch Xen & dom0, X11Forwarding breaks during ssh login. There is no $DISPLAY (in env) and the ~/.Xauthority is not touched. vncviewer fails in localhost.

Without Xen, all is normal. When I ssh login, I see the $DISPLAY in the env, the ~/.Xauthority is refreshed and all X11Forwarding works.

I have other dom0, like C7, Sid, and Deb 8.5, where X11Forwarding works with & without Xen.

thanks for any suggestions or confirmations,

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