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[Xen-users] xen-4.7.0 and mini-os (ocaml)

30 jul 2016

i ran xen for about three years, and i ran into something that
caused me problems:

  how do i install xen-5.7.0 WITHOUT mini-os (ocaml)?

i tried to install xen-4.7.0, and it refused to install without
the mini-os (ocaml) package.  the docs do NOT claim it as a
prerequisite, nor can i find it in a .tar file for download.

i tried ocaml the other year, and i despise it.  xen makes it
difficult to install without internet access at home, and ocaml
makes it almost impossible.  when i tried anyway, it would not
work for me.

for that reason, i NEVER use git.  furthermore, the xen addon
repository uses zero security.  no https://... and no .sig/.asc
files.  for that reason, i download from secure sources:
  http://qemu.org/   (.sig file)

xen-4.7.0 offers features that look VERY nice.  however, i cannot
install it at this time.

please help.
frank smith
squidmobile [at] fastmail [dot] fm

http://www.fastmail.com - The professional email service

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