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[Xen-users] WinPV BSOD on Win2008R2


I am desperately trying to "convert" a gplpv'ed Win2008R2 domU to winpv 8.1.0 
with no success so far.
(Xen 4.7 on gentoo, qemu 2.4.1)

What I do:
- (take an LVM snapshot)
- uninstall gplpv driver (2 steps: uninstall via windows, then uninstall.bat)
- reboot
- reboot again (changes were made)
- cleanup "HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet" using:
  psexec -i -d -s c:\windows\regedit.exe
  -> remove all traces of xen
- reboot

The system is stable at this point. I reboot a few times to make sure I didn't 
miss anything.
(tested Disk and Net IO, no crashes)

Then I install winpv drivers:
- When I install all drivers, it _usually_ crashes upon reboot (first or second)
- When I omit Net & VIF, it lasts longer (last time it was until machine 
recreation, but I can't tell for sure)

BSOD on boot is always "Stop: 0x1E (0,0,0,0)"

A few days ago I did some extensive "reboot testing":

- once crashed, it continues crashing
- safe mode usually works
- Removing the Xen PV NIC _usually_ makes the next boot possible
- When booted, the NIC doesn't work in _most cases_

(As you can see, I couldn't find reliable patterns)

For comparison I set up a new win2008 with current updates.
Installing and running winpv works fine there!

When comparing the registries I saw a difference in 
- The stable domU has 2 Entries there (ending on &18 and &10).
- The unstable domU has only 1 Entry (ending on &10).

I am attaching the xl.cfg and the dm logfile (this is a boot to BSOD with 
bus/interface/vbd installed).

I would appreciate any hints how I can get this running...

- peter.

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