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[Xen-users] Xen domU hangs after running xtrabackup with MariaDB

since upgrading to Linux kernel 4.4 we are observing strange server hangs on domU after database operations. This happened on two distinct servers (one is like 3 years old, another one is brand new):

A) server acting as a Mariadb slave and running Percona Xtrabackup
B) new server running a Mariadb restore from sql dump or after running Percona Xtrabackup

The xtrabackup process is in uninterruptable state and some files in /var/lib/mysql cannot be even read (cat hangs) - after xl destroy/create they are readable again.

The dom0/domU are running Linux kernel 4.4.24, Xen 4.6.3. The databases are on lvm volumes with xfs. We could at least complete a backup when we disabled O_DIRECT for Mariadb. We were succesfully running Linux kernel 4.1 with older Xen (4.6.1 IIRC) with lvm/xfs and O_DIRECT before without such hangs.

The bug reports with some more details at Mariadb/Percona:

What information could help tracing this problem down? At least the output of echo {l,m,w} > /proc/sysrq-triggers are attached to the bug reports.

Tomas Mozes
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