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Re: [Xen-users] xen hypervisor does not like my Dom0 LVM partition: I/O Errors

On Sun, Nov 27, 2016 at 11:10:17PM +0000, Jeff Swicegood wrote:
> I am trying to convert an existing Ubuntu 16.10 installation into a Xen VM
> host. It should be as simple as installing the Xen package and rebooting.
> Ubuntu becomes the Dom0. I have installed the Xen package and Xen kernel
> does indeed boot and run Ubuntu as Domain 0.
> After a short time, however, my /home LVM volume is remounted by the kernel
> as read-only due to I/O Errors. This eventually leads to the whole system
> crashing due to not being able to read files it needs on /home.
> This behavior does not happen at all when I boot to Ubuntu (without Xen) in
> Forgot to mention the fsck returns clean filesystem and smartctl shows
> "PASSED" and no reallocated sectors. (SMART status good).
> It would seem to be a failing disk, but there is absolutely no problem when
> Xen hypervisor is not running. The very first error is "lost interrupt."
> Isn't it the responsibility of the hypervisor to handle interrupts?

Yes, Xen should handle the interrupts and inject them to Dom0. Can you paste 
contents of the /proc/interrupts file?

Also, when the lost interrupt message happens, can you switch to the Xen 
and type "i". If you don't have a serial cable connected to that box you can 
also use the following in order to get this information:

# xl debug-keys i
# xl dmesg

And copy the result of the `xl dmesg` command. That would help us see which 
of interrupt your disk controller is using, and whether it's stuck in Xen.

Thanks, Roger.

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