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[Xen-users] 答复: create win8.1 vm on xen4.8

This error was caused by cpuid configuration of vm:


cupid = “host,hypervisor=0”


If I don’t set cpuid, I can create win8.1 and win10 vm on Xen-4.8.


发件人: Xen-users [mailto:xen-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 代表 席康杰
发送时间: 2017110 21:36
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主题: [Xen-users] create win8.1 vm on xen4.8


I upgrade xen4.5 to xen4.8, but failed to create win8.1 vm, the error is:


However, I could create win8.1 and win10 vm on xen4.5 with the same vm configuration.


Anyone can help?


- xikangjie

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