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Re: [Xen-users] Problem in the xentrace Format File

On Wed, 2017-04-05 at 03:36 -0400, Sanghyun Hong wrote:
> Hello,
> I found that the ‘formats' file under the Xen hypervisor source code
> (<home>/tools/xentrace/formats) does not cover all the events
> recorded to the raw data.
Yeah, sadly, it is incomplete. However, what are the exact events you
are interested in seeing?

> I checked the header file ‘analysis.h’ under the same directory, it
> has define ’TRC_HW_MAIN’, however, it’s not on the formats file.
Well, TRC_HW is, in Xen 0x0080f000, and in tools/xentrace/formats,
there are lines for dealine with the 0x0080xxxx class of events, e.g.:

0x00802003  CPU%(cpu)d  %(tsc)d (+%(reltsc)8d)  bind_vector [ irq = %(1)d = 
vector 0x%(2)x, CPU mask: 0x%(3)08x ]
0x00802004  CPU%(cpu)d  %(tsc)d (+%(reltsc)8d)  clear_vector [ irq = %(1)d = 
vector 0x%(2)x, CPU mask: 0x%(3)08x ]
0x00802005  CPU%(cpu)d  %(tsc)d (+%(reltsc)8d)  move_vector [ irq = %(1)d had 
vector 0x%(2)x on CPU%(3)d ]
0x00802006  CPU%(cpu)d  %(tsc)d (+%(reltsc)8d)  assign_vector [ irq = %(1)d = 
vector 0x%(2)x, CPU mask: 0x%(3)08x ]
0x00802008  CPU%(cpu)d  %(tsc)d (+%(reltsc)8d)  do_irq [ irq = %(1)d, began = 
%(2)dus, ended = %(3)dus ]

So, again, what are the events that you are interested in and not
seeing, and how are you enabling tracing for them?

> Do you have another formats file used internally for debugging
> purposes? If so, I wonder if you could provide the file.
Not really, but the (only?) good thing about xentrace_format is that
you can extend (or maybe change) the output *on the fly*, i.e., without
recompiling anything, exactly by extending or changing the formats

So you can actually add the handling of the events you're missing
yourself, by just adding to the formats file lines similar to the ones

If you tell me exactly what event you're interested in, I can try to
provide guidance on how to do that.

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