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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.8.0 | VGA Passthrough | Xen PV Drivers 8.2 | Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits



Doing more tests there is an easy workaround for VGA Passthrough  without patching Xen .4.8.0

Use msitranslate=0 should be enough. If your GPU is linked to 01:00.0 then use

pci= [ '01:00.0,msitranslate=0', ....]
It is required only for your GPU.It is not worth mentionning 'msitranslate=0' for the others PCI devices.

There is another issue. Shutting down the VM is fine but restarting the VM  implies to restart the dom0 else your dom0 will hang (a hard reboot is required :( )

You can bypass this issue by using this script ftp://ftp.enjellic.com/pub/xen/run-passthrough

This script was forwarded on the Xen mailing list by its orignal author a couple years ago.

You just need to adapt its content to your own needs.
- change the PCI list
- check that your domU has its name = "Windows" (this is the default name used in this script) or replace "Windows" by your own used name parameter
- improve its content.

Once changes are done you can enjoy your own Virtual Machine using VGA Passthrough with Xen 4.8.0.

I tested with my HD 7970 a couple of times and I was able to restart the domU using this script.


De : David TECHER <davidtecher@xxxxxxxx>
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Envoyé le : Vendredi 7 avril 2017 5h02
Objet : Xen 4.8.0 | VGA Passthrough | Xen PV Drivers 8.2 | Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits


Here is a video for Xen 4.8.0.

Info for domU shown in the video above
Xen = 4.8.0
OS = Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits
CPU = i5 2400
GPU = HD 7970 (VGA Passthrough)

About the patch
Attached is a partial patch for both AMD cards (only the old generation HD6XXX and HD7XXX) and for anyone who owns a GTX 680 hardcoded to GRID K2.
This patch aims at
- allocating more than 3GB of RAM for your domU

I have to revert modifications from the below commit manually so I can test both my HD7970 and my GTX 680 harcoded to GRID K2. And to neuter some MSI calls in passthrough.c

I am not a developer but a Wine hacker on Linux :D. Without this patch my GTX 680 will get a blue screen :(. But it helps for HD 7970 too :D

Xen PV Drivers 8.2 and Windows Activation
All drivers were installed and works pretty fine (no yellow mark as show in the video link above)

For unknown reason even if the stable drivers are truely signed (no need to use bcedit /set testsigning off/on), my activation was dropped after drivers installation.

bcedit command is only required when you try/build drivers from the development repository.

I sent a mail to mailing list of team responsible for those drivers. This is not their fault but really a problem with Window 10 itself

The only nice solution is to use the online phone assistance from Windows.

Since I dind't want to spend more time on fixing this issue I called Microsoft Support Online directly to activate my Win 10 Pro. This is an option when you got this issue. 
This is a option that you can use through "Parameters" on Win 10 Pro (but  I didn't remember where I clicked to get in Parameters options).

I called the number for my own country (France)
I tried to bypass all automatic digits suggested by the automatic voice
I waited for getting someone on the call = 1 human (less than 1 minute)
He asked me to go on http://support.microsoft.com/help
I accepted the  contrat
He got the 6 digits. I had to install the applet to access my PC remotely
I was OK that he could  access my PC remotely. He added the ID activation for my PC remotely.
PC was rebooted and it was OK :D

Well here I shared all informations I was able to collect for the 2 past weeks.

Hope it can help someone :D


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