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[Xen-users] PVH and AMD


I'm running xen-4.6-amd64.gz as provided by ubuntu and have been trying to change my guest domains to run as PVH, without success.

Following the instructions here: https://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Linux_PVH guest creation kept failing with "Invalid argument".

Near the bottom of the page I found this: "Things that are broken", with the note:

  "Does not work with AMD hardware."

The page is dated 15 December 2014.

Is that still valid? If so, are there any plans to include AMD processors with PVH support? Again, if so, does anybody have any idea when that may be and with which processors? Or lastly, is Xen basically targeted at Intel?

There are some exciting data center oriented products coming out of AMD but lack of Xen support might tilt data centers away from AMD or away from Xen.

Besides all that, I'm really excited at the possibility of using one of the new Ryzen processors here at Maison Mike.

Mike Wright

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