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[Xen-users] run a liveCD as a domU

Hi all,

I'm trying to explore the Tails O/S but I can't figure out how to setup a config file to boot its liveCD iso as a domU.

I finally got it to "xl create" without throwing errors using the following config but I'm not sure if it's running or just purring along doing nothing...

Minimal config:
name        = 'TAILS'

builder     ='hvm'

vcpus       = '1'
memory      = '1024'
boot        = 'c'

disk        = [

serial      = 'pty'
stdvga      = 'cirrus'
vga         = 'cirrus'

xl console TAILS goes to a blank line but there is no output;
ctrl-] return control back to me.

3 questions:
 1) does this config do what I want?
 2) is it really running;
 3) how do I attach to its console?

Thanks for any help,
Mike Wright

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