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Re: [Xen-users] run a liveCD as a domU

On 23/06/17 09:32, Mike Wright wrote:
Hi all,

I'm trying to explore the Tails O/S but I can't figure out how to setup a config file to boot its liveCD iso as a domU.

I finally got it to "xl create" without throwing errors using the following config but I'm not sure if it's running or just purring along doing nothing...

Minimal config:
name        = 'TAILS'

builder     ='hvm'

vcpus       = '1'
memory      = '1024'
boot        = 'c'

disk        = [

serial      = 'pty'
stdvga      = 'cirrus'
vga         = 'cirrus'

xl console TAILS goes to a blank line but there is no output;
ctrl-] return control back to me.

3 questions:
 1) does this config do what I want?
 2) is it really running;
3) how do I attach to its console?

Try adding the following options:
vnc        = 1
vncdisplay    = 0
vnclisten    = ''
stdvga        = 1
videoram    = 16

Then you will need to check the output of:
netstat -an | grep :59
tcp        0      0  * LISTEN

You should see listening on port 5900 (in the above example it's on 5901), you can use vncviewer to connect to that port, and you should see the console of your VM.
eg, vncviewer

Or you can use vnc from a remote computer, and use the IP of your dom0 and the above port number. PS, if you don't need to connect remotely, then remove the vnclisten line, and use, otherwise anyone on your LAN will get console access to your VM.

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