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Re: [Xen-users] Wired Network Bridging

Ray Joseph <ray3960852@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I got ethernet up via a docking station.  So I am posting from the target 
> machine.

I reckon that should be a good starting point. From there, get your Xen 
networking working adn AFTER that you can add the complication of WiFi.

> It seems an immediate challenge is to get both ethernet and wireless up.  
> Then to provide for either to come up depending upon what is available.  
> Additionally, how can I set this up with numerose wifi connects?
> # The loopback network interface
> auto lo
> iface lo inet loopback
> allow-hotplug enxMAC
> iface enxMAC inet manual
> allow-hotplug wlps
> iface wlps inet manual
>      wireless-power off  #  Turn wireless power management off
>     wpa-ssid Verizon-791L-3DF2
>     wpa-psk fcfa6c0c7a8b1240ddc3d78d8065e2331c9541f94c0e735b335828ff4355a316
> pre-up iwconfig wlps essid Verizon-791L-3DF2   # 1
> pre-up iw dev wlps set 4addr on                           # 2  These two may 
> need to be swapped
> auto xenbr0
> iface xenbr0 inet dhcp
>     bridge_ports wlps enxMaC
> #    bridge_hw wMAC     # wlp2s0
>     bridge_hw wMAC          # enx0050b42
> bridge_stp off        # disable spanning tree protocol
> bridge_waitport 0    # no delay before a port becomes available
> bridge_fd 0        # no forwarding delay6c43d
> #bridge_ports none    # if you do not want to bind to any ports
> #Bridge_ports regex eth* # use a regular expression to define ports
> # To restart the service after update:
> # /etc/init.d/procps restart
> BTW, when Ethernet came up, rebooted and Xen came up.  Seems Xen won't run if 
> there is not an Internet coonection is not availabale.

It looks a bit complicated to me. The entire network config for my home server 
is (I use udev rules to name my physical ethernet interface as peth0) :
> auto lo
> iface lo inet loopback
> auto eth0
> iface eth0 inet static
>   bridge_ports peth0
>   address 192.168.nn.nn
>   netmask
>   gateway 192.168.nn.nn

With this, the "interface" is up regardless of the state of peth0. I've done 
nothing to set the MAC address and I see that the bridge has taken the MAC 
address of peth0.
Setting up (or rather, disabling STP) is optional - it just speeds up getting 
the bridge into a state where it will pass traffic.

But bear in mind that I'm running an older Debian - without the systemd crap to 
get in the way.

> I only see how to bring the bridge up with one MAC.  How can I do this with 
> two different MACs without knowing which is available?

Looking again, I think that the ebtables rules should deal with this - for 
traffic in/out via ethernet they just won't match the traffic and thus will do 
nothing. Remember that you do **NOT** have to do this mangling with ethernet - 
which is why I suggest you get the Xen stuff working with that first and only 
then add the WiFi stuff. You will still need to bring up ONE interface and 
attach it to the bridge - probably by manual selection.

However, **IFF** the rest of your network supports it then you could simply 
attach both the WiFi and Ethernet to the bridge. Ideally you need to be running 
spanning tree as that will deal with the network loop that the config would 
create - or just be careful to not connect via WiFi and Ethernet at the same 

PS - you might want to change your SSID and key now you've shared it with the 
whole world !

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