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Re: [Xen-users] PS/2 keyboard passthrough


with my laptop I actually had better experience with recent qemu, but I gave up on xen back then and went to kvm instead.
Then got stuck on that I need PS/2 passthrough, hacked it in, discussed it with kraxel and he rather rewritten it himself. my hacks in qemu were too awful xD

But yeah, it needs a lot of debugging and experimenting and it is not that easy when you cut off yourself off the machine with only gpu :)
I have radeon gpu in the laptop though, no idea on intel ones, there were even some patches for that that might not be in the qemu and will need to recompile for that? not sure :(


Лоренс Гвайн wrote:
2017-08-18 17:19 GMT+05:00 Jiri 'Ghormoon' Novak <ghormoon@xxxxxxxxx>:
is there anything blocking you from using recent qemu?

 Yes. As I know primary gpu passtrough don't work with upstream qemu.
If I change device_model_version='qemu-xen-traditional' to 'qemu-xen' then it will not load and xl top shows vm staying in blocked state.

Also, I tried do gpu passtrough via qemu+kvm, but didn't succeed.

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