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Re: [Xen-users] Single NIC, multiple ip addresses

Liam Kirsher <liamk@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Need some help here, and I really hope this is the right place to ask!
> It seems like it should be simple.  I just need to have a single XenServer

Don't know anything about Xenserver and any differences from "plain Xen" in 
management ...

> , single NIC, with VMs having multiple different IP addresses.
> I have a XenServer 6.2 with two NICs: NIC0 and NIC1.  But I'm only getting 
> connected to NIC0 from the ISP.
> The dom0 is set up with like this.
> address 162.x.x.13
> gateway 162.x.x.1
> netmask
> network 162.x.x.x0
> The ISP has given me additional ip addresses to use in the same subnet for a 
> couple of VMs.
> I'm using XenCenter.  What I think I need to do and have tried, is
> 1. Create a Network (calling it "VLAN 100") on dom0 using XenCenter, attached 
> to NIC 0, with VLAN setting (I'm using 100, but it seems arbitrary).

OK, there's your first mistake - unless you have a rather unusual setup then 
you do not need VLANs and your networking will not work if you try.

To achieve what you want is simple :

Define a bridge :
auto br0
iface br0 inet static
  bridge_ports eth0
  address 162.x.x.13
  gateway 162.x.x.1

(I think you already have this)

That will get your host online, plus it will create you a bridge (virtual 
network switch) you can connect your DimUs to.

Now in your DomU config, define one virtual NIC connected to that bridge. In 
the DOmU itself, configure the NIC to have a fixed address as provided by your 
ISP - basically configure it as though it was a standalone machine connected to 
the ISP (the Dom0 doesn't really play any part in the networking other than to 
run the bridge).

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