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Re: [Xen-users] Boot loop after upgrade

> I boot using UEFI -> GRUB multiboot2 -> xen on Arch Linux 4.12.10 dom0
> From a cold boot Xen dom0 does not start.
> If I boot UEFI -> GRUB multiboot2 -> Arch Linux 4.12.10 without xen
> Then reboot, Xen on Arch Linux 4.12.10 dom0 works.

I'm quite sure I already tried that kind of sequences with kernel
4.12.8, but with no results.
My sequence is UEFI -> systemd -> xen -> arch, with an NVidia Optimus Laptop.
Maybe it has something to do with the bbswitch kernel module (because
I switched to the dkms package more or less at the same time, to have
it with the LTS kernel).

However, now that I know how to boot successfully, I'll do more
accurate experiments from cold start.


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