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Re: [Xen-users] Chef Architecture for a Laptop Running Xen

>changes.  This is the purpose of pursuing Chef.  Thus my question:
Using chef seems the other end from "lightweight" and "very small"

Not know what Debian with apt/dpkg has as dependency hell there - i prefer 
using Gentoo to produce very small footprint linux setups (from sources), but 
just as a hint. Possibly similiar results may possible with Debian, but you 
stick on the build options of all packages from Debian.

A "typical working dom0" just needs - depending from if you want PV only or 
"full virt" with Xen:

- kernel with xen (at least dom0) stuff enabled 
- binutils
- linux tools, network tools (iproute2 / ifconfig)
- xen-tools (depends from Python if remember correctly)
- a "shell"
- openrc or systemd (if required)
- lvm2 if used
- qemu if full virt is used
- filesystem tools (if required for setups)
- openssh could makes sense often

With Gentoo this easily could be configured by USE flags. No chef or similiar 
big toolchain required. After building anything you could delete any caches and 
kernel source tree to minimize further.

Just my twocents,
gold luck.


Niels Dettenbach
Syndicat IT & Internet

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