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[Xen-users] Black screen during the boot


I installed a fresh Debian Unstable with Kernel 4.12 and the Xen 4.8 packages from the official repository. My Debian's install does not have UEFI so i boot to Xen directly with GRUB.

My PC has these device :
- AMD Ryzen 1700X
- 16Gb Memory RAM
- Asus PRIME X370-PRO
- AMD Rx560 for Debian (Host)
- Nvidia GTX970 for my VM (KVM actually)

I know that Nvidia does not work with DomU but my problem concern only the Dom0 ...
I can boot correctly on Xen but during the boot, it stop (without to know why) and i have a black screen. After 5s, the GPU restarts (i know that thanks to the GPU's Fan) and my TV says me that there is no signal from HDMI.

Unfortunatly, i have not serial port ... :-(

I would like to know if you have already had this problem.

(Sorry for my English, i'm French)
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