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Re: [Xen-users] booting debian/stretch as EFI guest on Xen 4.9.0 host -- ​\EFI\debian\grubx64.efi "not recognized"?

On 10/14/17 4:10 PM, pgndev wrote:> I'm able to launch OpenSUSE EFI
guests with no issue.  I've also been
> able to EFI boot Ubuntu -- although, admittedly, that was awhile ago.
With an Ubuntu 16.04.3 guest, configured exactly the same as the
Debian attempt, except of course pointing to a different ISO, I see
the Grub menu.

From there, if I select "Install Ubuntu Server", it brings up what I
assume to be the 'pick your language' screen ... but it is virtually

Something obviously wrong with the graphics ...

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