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Re: [Xen-users] Offline builds

Hi Brett,

I assume you are going to build unstable xen (but not released xen tarball)
offline. I had the same issue as you in the past.

In addition to xenbits.xen.org to download qemu-xen or qemu-xen-traditional, you
should need to download ipxe.git from git.ipxe.org, or more like seabios.

How I workaround this issue is to manually:

1. Download seabios.tar.gz, ipxe.tar.gz, qemu-xen-traditional.tar.gz or
qemu-xen.tar.gz to corresponding location.

2. Modify tools/firmware/Makefile, tools/firmware/etherboot/Makefile and
tools/Makefile to avoid downloading those third-party source code.

Here is an example I used to use to build unstable mainline xen offline. I do
not remember which commit it is for. It should help you know which file you
would modify.


Dongli Zhang

On 10/25/2017 12:24 AM, Brett Stahlman wrote:
> I need to be able to build Xen offline. I was able to do so by copying
> the xen-src directory to my disconnected machine, but now that I've
> made some source code changes, the build fails when it attempts to
> contact xenbits.xen.org, apparently due to the following expanded make
> actions:
> if test -d git://xenbits.xen.org/qemu-xen-.git; then
>         mkdir -p qemu-xen-dir;
> else
>         export GIT=git
>         git-checkout.sh git://xenbits.xen.org/qemu-xen.git \
>                 qemu-xen-4.7.0-rc5 qemu-xen-dir;
> fi
> Recopying xen-src to my disconnected machine is inconvenient, as it
> forces me to save and re-apply my patches. Is there a way to instruct
> the Xen build process to use cached qemu without attempting to refresh
> from xenbits.xen.org? I haven't done a clean of any sort since the
> previous copy...
> Alternatively... Is there a clean way to instruct the build system to
> use a local "bare" repo in lieu of the remote xenbits.xen.org?
> Thanks,
> Brett S.
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