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[Xen-users] How to Configure Xen for Networking, System Use Case - NetVM

While the typical intent to have a vm for network interfaces is to isolate dom0 the network, my additional intent is to isolate dom0 from my tinkering with the network.  I have broken my dom0 beyond my repair many times. 

I would like to determine how to build a VM for the network interfaces.  And how to establish networking to other VMs.  Additionally, are there any reasons to bring a network to dom0 now that it has been purposefully isolated from the outside (other than the mouse and keyboard). 

What I have been having the biggest challenge with is that bridging cannot be used with wireless. 
[Wireless base stations generally only allow packets with the source MAC address of NIC that completed the initial handshake.  Therefore, without MAC rewriting, only a single device can communicate over a single wireless link.]

The next solution I have tried is etables, which I have been unable to get working. 
My challenge here may be that I did not get the right configuration process.  I found bits of what the configuration should include but I did not find a step by step method. 

I was wondering about using libvirt but looking into it, I see it requires building a bridge with bridge-utilities which seems in conflict with my need for a wireless front end.  Maybe the libvirt iptables provides a solution around the conflict but I don't see it. 

The openvswitch seems to invoke a similar method as libvirt.

What should I be looking at to find an appropriate solution?


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