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Re: [Xen-users] How do You Set-up a Wireless connection on Xen?

Hi Ray,

2017-12-21 2:56 GMT+01:00 rayj <ray3960852@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I would like to understand how others are configuring Xen for wireless
> connections so I may better understand how to set it up.

After digging and reading a couple of pages, I gave up trying to do that! ;-)
But mostly because I can live with a wired solution that fits my needs...

The problem is not directly related to virtualization but really to
sharing wifi.

First solution would be to use NAT.

The debian wiki shows another solution that use ebtable.

In all cases, the remote computer or the domU sees/uses a wired connection.
AFAIK qemu doesn't emulate a wireless card, so you can't make your
domU authenticate to the AP with its own MAC address.
So having the easy wired solution of having several different MAC
addresses going through your single wire is not an option.

But I'd be also interested to have some feedback from others :-D


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