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[Xen-users] Xen Questions

See sections labeled QUESTION. The other text is to understand the questions and background.

I never had reason to consider Xen as I dual boot operating systems as needed. Now I am seemingly forced to use Xen and I want to find out if it can do what I want.
This is for personal use and not commercial.

I have a 24 core 64GB mem. rackserver that needs to run windows and linux. Linux does just fine sees, all 24 cores all memory (even my old FC7 distro) I used for numerical programming for studies long ago,

Windows is another can of worms.
It seems that Windows 7&10 Professional will do two processors each of 12 cores from the specifications.
However, there is NO WAY Windows 7 or 10 will install on this server.

QUESTION: Does Microsoft detect it is a rackserver and then intentionally prevent the install forcing you to buy Windows server ?

Both 7 and 10 fails after the first reboot during install.
I dont particularly want to use windows server as I need the bells and whistles of Windows 7 and 10 which server doesnt have.

It seems a hypervisor like XEN is the only way around the windows conundrum as I can fool t to to look like a normal pc running it virtually.

How does Firewire and USB perform in XEN when hosting Windows ? Is there any lack of USB/Firewire support or is performance sub par. ?

It seems that XEN is the only option to get 7pro and/or 10pro to run on this machine.

thanks !

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