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[Xen-users] Running Android and Debian on my Smartphone (Pixel 2)

I am new to Xen,  I have searched an browsed, but still need advice about the following.

I have a Google Pixel 2 xl Smartphone and want to install Xen as a hypervisor type-1 on it and run Android and a Linux (say Debian) on top of it.
I want Android to keep all its functionality.
I need Debian to turn my smartphone to a personal computer:‌ I want to  connect the smartphone via USB to keyboard, mouse and monitor, and then do browsing, development, and all the common stuff.
Using Debian, all I need from the peripherals of the smartphone is the network  connection.

Now my quesions:
1- Is this possible by a reasonable amount of effort?
2- Has someone done something similar?
3- If Xen can do it, then why are there commercial products like SierraVisor Hypervisor out there? What is their advantage?

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