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Re: [Xen-users] How could I find memory hogging process in Dom0?

On 3/22/2018 6:14 AM, Minjun Hong wrote:
> Hi.
> While installing and using Xen on my two PCs, I see that the dom0 is still
> running out of memory on one PC.

You are not running out of memory.

> I installed Xen in the same way (with same kernel version and same xen
> version) on the computers.
> But on one computer (labeled A), there is no problem, and on the other
> computer (labeled B),  huge amounts of file page is consumed:
> # /proc/meminfo of A
>> MemTotal:        7545164 kB
>> MemFree:         6275968 kB
>> MemAvailable:    7039388 kB

7 gigs available.

>> Buffers:           43644 kB
>> *Cached:           937928 kB*
> # /proc/meminfo of B
>> MemTotal:        7487512 kB
>> MemFree:          138888 kB
>> MemAvailable:    6130396 kB

6.1 gigs available.  Not much difference.

>> Buffers:          100832 kB
>> *Cached:          6227632 kB*

The only difference is that this one is using 6 gigs of the free memory
to cache files, since it has nothing better to do with it.  This is
typical for a Linux system.

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