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[Xen-users] reboot driver domains with auto-reconnect?


I've been tinkering with a miniature VM setup under Xen.  Currently, I
have Linux 4.14.29 based on allnoconfig, and a <6MB initrd booting
successfully (These include xl devd).  There are three primary classes
of VMs: switch, gateway/firewall, and vlan switch.  I then use these to
deploy my network and attach regular, full-OS VMs.

My current dilemma is that I would like to be able to reboot these mini
VMs for kernel updates, etc.  When this happens, I'd like the previously
connected VMs to reconnect to the new instance.

Quite a bit of digging has given me pieces and fragments of solutions,
none of which seem solid.  xenstore-chmod seems promising, but I'm not
certain the best location to run the re-attach code.  Should the
rebooted VM search for dangling connections to the old domid and have
permission to reconnect them all?  Or, should each VM detect the loss of
link, search for the new VM, and reconnect?  Which implies having
permissions to do so.

Has anybody else implemented this concept?  If so, how did you solve it?



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