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[Xen-users] xl pci-detach failure when using SR-IOV NIC

     I’ve come across a need to hotplug PCI devices between dom0 and domU using SR-IOV NIC. But I'm experiencing problems when trying to detach VF more than one PV guests. 
I can attach VF  to DomU successful as follow:
# xl pci-assignable-list
# xl pci-attach 1 05:10.0
# xl pci-attach 2 05:10.2
But when I can't detach VF and it report errors as follow:
# xl pci-detach 2 05:10.2
libxl: error: libxl_device.c:1269:libxl__wait_for_backend: Backend /local/domain/0/backend/pci/2/0 not ready
 And only 05:10.0 can detach successful :
# xl pci-detach 1 05:10.0
# xl pci-assignable-list
 Each guest config is the same like this:
name = "ubuntu-pv-1"
bootloader = "pygrub" 
memory = 256
vcpus = 1
vif = [ 'bridge=xenbr0' ]
disk = [ 'file:/home/ye/ubuntu-pv/ubuntu-pv-1/ubuntu-pv-1.img,xvda,rw' ]
pci_permissive = 1
Follow xl dmesg log:
# xl dmesg | grep -i vt-d | grep -i enable
(XEN) Intel VT-d Snoop Control enabled.
(XEN) Intel VT-d Dom0 DMA Passthrough enabled.
(XEN) Intel VT-d Queued Invalidation enabled.
(XEN) Intel VT-d Interrupt Remapping enabled.
(XEN) Intel VT-d Shared EPT tables enabled.
 # xl dmesg | grep "I/O virt"
(XEN) I/O virtualisation enabled
And libxl-driver log:
# cat  /var/log/libvirt/libxl/libxl-driver.log
xc: detail: sysctl operation failed -- need to rebuild the user-space tool set?
libxl: error: libxl.c:4364:libxl_get_physinfo: getting physinfo: Permission denied
xc: debug: hypercall buffer: total allocations:7 total releases:7
xc: debug: hypercall buffer: current allocations:0 maximum allocations:1
xc: debug: hypercall buffer: cache current size:1
xc: debug: hypercall buffer: cache hits:6 misses:1 toobig:0

 I'm running in Ubuntu 14 using Xen-4.6. I have tested in other machine using the same environment but encountering the same problem.

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