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[Xen-users] Slow boot time on Windows

Hi !

I'm running Xen 4.9.2 packaged by Ubuntu, 18.04 LTS,
and I have a very slow boot for my Windows 7 VM.

I measured the time it takes from starting the VM to
reaching the desktop: 1:24 sec (!)

I did the same test with KVM, and it only took 19 sec.

So Xen is 4 times slower... :o

The hardware configuration is the same, 1 vcpu, 2G of RAM.

I checked the configuration with sudo xl list -l
and the type is "hvm" as I expected:

            "c_info": {
                "type": "hvm",
                "name": "xenwin7",
                "uuid": "c8f2c51e-1322-4af8-8112-67e19a9585e6"

So I don't understand what is happening.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue ?
Do you have an idea of what is going on ?
Is it a known problem on Xen ?

Best regards,

Mathieu Tarral​

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