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Re: [Xen-users] help with openbsd armv7 as domU


On 29/12/2018 22:56, s_graf@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I am trying to run openbsd armv7 as a domU on an orangepi one (Allwinner
I have run openbsd on this hardware for many months.
I have been able to load xen dom0 on the hardware by building an armbian
system with the xen options.

I was hoping to load the bsd ram kernel (bsd.rd) as a domU.
This kernel runs entirely in memory and so I thought it might be a good
first step.

With the cfg below I get an error " Unable to find arch FDT info for
which I do not know how to handle. The start-up console log is below.

When openbsd starts natively on this system u-boot runs bootarm.efi.
Is there a way to set this up in a domU cfg?

ELF images are not supported by Xen Arm at the moment. However, you still need some support in the OS in order to boot as Xen Arm guest. I am not aware of such support in OpenBSD today (but I might be wrong).

I can provide pointers how to port OpenBSD to Xen Arm Guest if you are 


Julien Grall

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