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Re: [Xen-users] EFI boot unsuccessful with Ubuntu 18.04 dom0

Thanks PGNet Dev and Mr. Poole for your answers.

So, it seems that console=vga,com1 is not enough to show the boot process output on screen and we need a serial cable to debug, is that correct? If so, I will wait for Mr. Poole's feedback. FWIW, I also tried console=vga (without com1) and the screen was as blank as before.

However, I am concerned about the different versions of "everything" we have, most importantly Xen. I am using 4.9 because that's what's being shipped with Ubuntu, but if PGNet Dev's issue is the same as mine, the issue exists at least in 4.9 and in 4.12. And I guess Mr. Poole is using gentoo's stable xen package, which is 4.10.2 (https://packages.gentoo.org/packages/app-emulation/xen).

What I mean is, has no one noticed this before or are we all doing something wrong? Or did this issue come with a kernel update instead of xen?

Again, thanks everyone for reading and adding whatever info you may find useful.

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