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Re: [Xen-users] Passthrough NIC reporting network cable unplugged.

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  • Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 08:43:27 -0400
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So, this morning the Windows server I am running as a domU restarted due to a Windows Update.

On restart, the network cable reported as unplugged. But this is a physical card, and the cable is not unplugged.

A restart of the dom0 is what is required to fix the domU’s network connection.

My dom0 dmesg is here : https://pastebin.com/n6R2Mnpi

My xl dmesg is here : https://pastebin.com/zTZbppA5

My domU config is here : https://pastebin.com/cJZHtrV7


Any ideas as to why this happens?

I first reported it 2 years ago starting on 4.6, and am apparently the only one who has ever seen this.




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Subject: [Xen-users] Passthrough NIC reporting network cable unplugged.


Running XEN 4.10.3

Sometimes a reboot of the domU causes the network card that is attached to report network cable unplugged.

Sometimes it happens on its own after the machine is up for multiple days.


I did not have this issue on 4.5.1, which I had running perfectly fine since 2015.. Now comes the fun part..

I looked up if anyone had reported this issue in the past, and I found someone. https://lists.gt.net/xen/users/458441

Unfortunately it was me.. and I never got it resolved because I just went back to XEN 4.5.1 for another 2 years…


I cannot see anyone else having a similar issue in my searches so far.

Next time it happens I’ll get logs to supply the info that was requested last time I reported it. I find it weird that I no one else has reported the issue in the past 2 years though, seeing as it seemingly has not been resolved.



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