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Re: [Xen-users] Starting to port xen on beagleboard-x15 (GSoC 2019 project)


On 6/16/19 9:46 PM, Denis Obrezkov wrote:
On 6/16/19 10:18 PM, Julien Grall wrote:

On 6/16/19 4:19 PM, Denis Obrezkov wrote:
I was trying to boot xen on bb-x15, here is my starting point:
I built xen with:
make dist-xen debug=y XEN_TARGET_ARCH=arm32
CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK=omap5432
(omap5432 and omap5729 have the same serial debug address)
and I got the output:

 From the log

- CPU 00000001 booting -
- Xen must be entered in NS Hyp mode -
- Please update the bootloader -
- Boot failed

This means that U-boot bring-up secondary CPU in hypervisor mode
(probably it is in secure mode or kernel mode). Which U-boot are you using?
I use the latest u-boot - 2019.04.

lain suggested to use a patched version of U-boot (See his e-mail for the 29th of May). So one possibility is some of the patches didn't reach upstream.

I would recommend to try the same U-boot version first to see if secondary CPUs are brought up in Hyp mode.


Julien Grall

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