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[Xen-users] Is it possible to remap xl console ctrl-o?

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  • From: Andy Smith <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2019 16:58:11 +0000
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Today I had a user accidentally immediately power off (equivalent to
xl destroy) their VM.

They were editing a file in "xl console" using nano. nano's key
binding for "save buffer" is ctrl-o. xl console's key binding for
Linux Magic SysRq is also ctrl-o.

Pressing it once and thinking nothing had happened, they pressed it

SysRq o: "Shut off the system"

They did not even know what had happened because they're not
familiar with Magic SysRq.

I can't ask users to not use nano. I can't ask users to disable
Magic SysRq in their own VMs. The best alternative seems to be to
remap Xen's ctrl-o to something else. In my setup very few users
know what Magic SysRq is, so those who do can read up on the
different binding.

Is this possible without code modification?


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