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Re: [Xen-users] Is it possible to run Android in domU on arm32

Hello Denis!

The use case you described is every interesting.
In short, it can be achieved as there is a linux kernel under Android.
Also I have found:
and some xen wiki pages:

I myself also work on similar ideas to secure critical domains with Xen on automotive/self-driving systems.

But there are also a few words I want to clarify.
Usually, in those real-time and safety-critical systems (cellphone is not sc, I guess), a seperation kernel based os is more preferred. 
For example, Apple has a small l4 os running in security enclaves, and okl4 was once largely used as a secure microvisor.
I use Xen in my projects mainly out of engineering and availability reasons, as there is an important fact that Xen does support linux systems well and a lot of applications are well developed on Xen (e.g. ros systems).

 In the end, I think so far you have done a great job.
Any insights about your dom0 performance?

Good luck and have fun!

Denis Obrezkov <denisobrezkov@xxxxxxxxx> 于2019年8月28日周三 上午3:06写道:

during last three months I was porting Xen to Beagleboard-x15 within
GSoC 2019.
Here is my final report:
So, now dom0 can run to some extent.

But my purpose is to run Android in domU on arm32 (or arm64). Is it
I found this article:
What is the current status of this work?

I want to use Android with Xen for improving mobile and maybe IoT
security (that is my phd topic in Bremen Uni). It's kind of close to
automotive xen usage but for mobile devices (trusted dom0 and untrusted

Regards, Denis Obrezkov

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