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Re: [Xen-users] serial console to Dom0 -- connection, but only 'garbage' (� , 'question mark') output. config wrong?

On 1/31/20 6:34 PM, Sarah Newman wrote:
> Are you getting the Xen boot messages on minicom? That's where you should 
> start.
> Usually when I have problems with minicom it's because I forgot to disable 
> flow control.


that's my poorly-communicated point.  I get absolutely nothing in minicom (comm 
params ARE matched) with Xen in the loop.

if I *remove* xen, i.e. boot to 'just' linux, serial output streams, as 
expected, to my attached terminal.

there's something fubar'd in the xen-ny aspects of this.

either me, &/or xen.

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