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[Xen-users] How to monitor memory in a Linux Xen DomU with a balloon driver?

How can we detect that a DomU is running out of memory, that the balloon driver has released up to maxmem?

I tried ...
# find /sys -iname '*xen*'
# find /proc -iname '*xen*'
# for f in $(find /sys/bus/xen_memory /sys/devices/system/xen_memory -type f); do echo === $f ===; cat $f 2>/dev/null; done
... but did not identify data for a solution.

Long ago /proc/xen/balloon could be used.

For Debian Stretch DomUs we used to monitor memory implicitly by monitoring swap; when swap space was significantly used, the balloon driver had released all it could. That doesn't work for Debian Buster; swap has been seen 100% used while free and buffers have had ~half the Xen "memory".


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