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Stub domains and networking issue


I am experimenting with stub domain VMs (Windows 7)
Everything is working fine except the networking part.

in my scenario VMs are plugged in an openvswitch bridge in Dom0.
Dom0 is emulating "internet" through Inetsim listening on the bridge interface.

Normal Win7 HVMs works flawlessly.

If i take the exact same VM configuration (including network settings)
 with device_model_stubdomain_override=1  and make it a stub domain
then networking is KO.

Worst than KO it is also erratic ,  sometime ping from stub VM to dom0
is ok and a few seconds later KO, same thing for DNS queries, TCP
connection etc ....

I have tried to simplify the settings, removing the VLANs and putting
dom0 and sub VM on the same subnet, same issue.

Is there anything specific to do for the networking part when dealing
with stub domain VMs ?




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