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AW: Colibri imx8qxp: Missing kernel boot module

> >> I am not entirely sure why yet. Do you mind to enable earlyprintk for
> >> your platform? With that you should be able to get more information
> >> about the list of modules discovered.
> >
> > I didn't manage to enable earlyprintk.
> > But I enabled kconfig "Developer Checks": "Verbose debug messages" and
> > "Devicetree debug messages" and put some extra printks in the Xen
> > Source and was able to locate the problem.
> >
> > When parsing the fdt, the memory@80000000 node throws an error, which
> > stops the parsing before the /chosen node was found and so no kernel
> > boot module was found for dom0.
> >
> > I bypassed this by putting the /chosen node at the top of the fdt, so
> > that
> > module@0 gets parsed before the functions arrives at the memory node.
> > After this change, Dom0 was successfully booted by Xen.
> >
> > I have created a pastebin https://pastebin.com/JBjKNvPP for future
> > reference.
> > At pastebin line 215 Xen already found the kernel boot module.
> > So I put
> > "boot_fdt_info(device_tree_flattened, fdt_paddr);"
> > in start_xen (arch/arm/setup.c) after the "console_init_postirq();"
> > call, so tha the function is run a second time, but this time the
> > outputs are shown in the bootlog (starting pastebin l. 247).
> > Starting at pastebin line 337, parser arrives at memory node.
> > Line 349 is what is specified in the fdt (which I copy here for
> > reference)
> >
> > memory@80000000 {
> >     device_type = "memory";
> >     reg = <0x00000000 0x80000000 0 0x40000000>; };
> >
> > The first bank found (l. 349) is the one from the fdt node. I am not
> > sure where the second bank (l. 350) comes from. The the second bank's
> > size=0 ist what causes the parse to fail and will Xen prevent from
> > finding the boot kernel for dom0 if the /chosen node comes after the
> node in the fdt.
> Thank you for digging through the problem. I find a bit odd that Xen
discover a
> second bank. It might be possible we don't parse the Device-Tree
> I wasn't able to find the node in the device-tree you provided in the
initial e-mail.
> Would you mind to post the full device-tree?

Hello Julien,

this is the full version of the fdt that threw the error:
The problematic memory node appears in line 126


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