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CentOS 8.x: if your virt stack does not start with Xen you did it wrong

Hello xen-users,

It is one year now after the C8 was released, what is the state of Xen
dom0 and the Xen based Virt stack?

Of course there is no official support from RH for Xen anymore, but
there is a rumbling of Xen dom0 support coming from the Virt SIG.

Once its done, it would appear in this tree:

Here is a short writeup about the xen virt stack I did in April:

What are some major changes from Xen builds in C7?
To build/link EFI in C7 needed a build-requires (BR) on mingw64-binutils.
However, C8 now includes EFI linking support in the native GNU (ld)
loader in the
binutils package - thus one less BR.

C7 had a python package with python2 default.  C8 has no such python
package, only python2 or python3. It is possible to build and run any
Xen from xen-4.12+ with python3.

New in C8 is modularity, including the `virt module`, which is
equivalent to a wrench in the fan, bringing all virt builds based on
Xen to a screeching halt. As discussed in the GF-Users post this
obstacle can be overcome.

There is a reason that the Centos Virt SIG has stalled their Xen
release. As shown there is a limited build in koji without any
libvirt+ support. I know the whole Xen based stack is possible and how
it can be done.


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