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Re: camlSys__entry vs. FreeBSD kmod

So Sys__entry is the native code entry point for the Sys module, which
will execute any top-level phrases. Looking at stdlib/sys.mlp, we have:

external get_config: unit -> string * int * bool = "caml_sys_get_config"
external get_argv: unit -> string * string array = "caml_sys_get_argv"

let (executable_name, argv) = get_argv()
let (os_type, word_size, big_endian) = get_config()
let max_array_length = (1 lsl (word_size - 10)) - 1;;
let max_string_length = word_size / 8 * max_array_length - 1;;

Can you put a printk into caml_sys_get_argv to see if its getting called,
and that you are getting past it?  That would be a likely source of the
crash (although I wonder why it doesnt show up in the backtrace).


On 11 Jul 2012, at 12:30, PALI Gabor Janos wrote:

> Hi,
> I have just been trying to make a (very)* preliminary version of the
> kernel-module-embedded Caml run-time (asmrun) work, but somewhere in
> caml_startup() the execution dies, see the attached picture:
> http://people.freebsd.org/~pgj/mirage/2012/07/11/camlSys__entry.bt.png
> Note that it works fine if I do not use the Printf module (and use a
> fibonacci function instead).  You can take a look at the sources I
> currently have (which is not under public version control for now):
> http://people.freebsd.org/~pgj/mirage/2012/07/11/src.zip
> By the way, the platform is FreeBSD/i386 10-CURRENT (r238163).  I can
> provide more data on the crash if that helps.
> Ideas or suggestions are welcome!



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