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various questions

Hi all, 

As a quick intro, over  summer I have been working on getting mirage to work as a network simulation and emulation platform. I have developed so far an ns3 backend tha allow to run applications as event driven simulations and a mechanism to bootstrap distributed xen-based emulation using the xapi interface. Also, because this work was focused to develop a tool that allow to understand the impact of sdn network architectures, I have develop a number of openflow and traffic generation libraries. So far the work is done on the old mirage tree and I will try to port my work into the main mirage-platform tools in the near future. 

I am currently trying to get a first cut of the xen emulation task and I have a couple of question over various things: 

1) In order to install the xapi libraries, I need to install a number of libraries, that they are different from the libraries distributed by opam. The problem is that some of the libraries use some very weird installation mechanisms. The xen people have solved the problem by distributed a hacked version of these libraries through https://github.com/xen-org/xen-api-libs/. How can I introduce an opam recipe in the opam repo that will notify the installation mechanism that the libraries are available through this repo and override the default recipes for the specific libraries? I tries also to rewrite the default recipes for some libraries but I got stuck on finding a way to generate a custom META file and I gave up. 

2) For the ocaml-pcap library is there some example code and the device configurations I need in order to get it working as a network capture mechanism for a xen vm? 

3) I have written some code that allows to generate network topologies and boot vm over xapi and I have tested and verified the code on a debian vm. This unfortunately is constrained on testing the network throttling configurations. Is there any xapi configured machine I could get access to to verify the runtime correctnesss of the code? 

thanks in advance for any replies. 

Charalampos Rotsos
PhD student
The University of Cambridge
Computer Laboratory
William Gates Building
JJ Thomson Avenue

Phone: +44-(0) 1223 767032
Email: cr409@xxxxxxxxxxxx



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