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Re: About Mirage Implementation

Hi Yiming,

The tutorial is indeed down (apparently due to an EC2 power cut that took out 
the VM).  However, the build tools are indeed quite different now, due to us 
switching Mirage to a (significantly simpler and more robust) package manager.  
This package manager works with normal OCaml libraries, and so is generally a 
more sustainable long-term solution.

So there are two options:

- you can use the old monolithic repository, and clone mirage/mirage-tutorial 
(but roll it back to last year by reverting the last commit).  This will give 
you a local copy of the tutorial, which you can access on port 80.

- I'm planning to port the hello world examples on mirage-www next week.  In 
the meanwhile, you can follow the OPAM instructions for mirage-www to get it up 
and running, as the website uses the latest interfaces.

You can also make a lot of progress without needing Mirage at all.  I'd suggest 
using Lwt, the Lwt_bytes module, and the cstruct library to build a UNIX 
userspace version quickly.  You can recompile this pretty easily to a Mirage 
kernel if you keep the core logic fairly pure and functional.  Happy to advise 
about how that works (or you might want to find someone locally in Cambridge 
this month until I return in November, such as Balraj or Raphael who know who 
this works).


On 28 Sep 2012, at 02:37, "Yiming Zhang" <sdiris@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I want to contribute to the Mirage project by implementing a RAM-based KV 
> library (like a better memcached) for it. However, it seems that it is very 
> difficult to start. For the new modular version, the documents (in 
> http://www.openmirage.org/wiki/hello-world) seem obsolete; for the old 
> monolithic version, even the webpage (http://tutorial.openmirage.org/#1) 
> cannot be opened! Can anybody help me figure out what to do in the first step?
> Regards,
> Yiming



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