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mirage-platform 0.4.1 released

I've released a new 0.4.1 version of Mirage-platform with the following
bugfixes (mainly from Dave Scott):

===== 0.4.1 (04-Nov-2012) =====

* [xen] fix incorrect reference counting in Io_pages that could
  potentially cause pages to be reused too early.
* [xen] move Xenstore protocol implementation out to a separate
  library that provides it as a functor.
* [unix] ignore SIGPIPE in the OS.Main.run function.

This is available on OPAM and fixes the stability issues with large
network transfers that Balraj was seeing.

I have also merged into trunk (0.5.0) the new NS3 simulation backend
that Haris has been working on:

===== 0.5.0 (unreleased)  =====

* [ns3] Add NS3-based simulator backend.
* [unix] Add pcap-based Ethernet access in addition to tuntap.

This requires a bit more work to make it ready for action, but if you're
interested in it then get in touch with Haris and me. It shouldn't affect
normal UNIX/Xen use and is not compiled by default, so build breakages
shouldn't be a problem.




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