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There's been some confusion about the best way to build a Mirage Xen package 
using the new multi-repository model.
Part of the issue is that the old monolithic build system hid a lot of the 
build nonsense away from the user, but this is a more exposed now.

I've got a fork of OASIS that has been patched to generate a .xen target, which 
is available from:
http://github.com/avsm/oasis in the `add-xen` branch.

However, it's a real pain working with ocamlbuild, and I'm not sure I want to 
upstream this patch into OASIS.

Therefore Raphael Proust is currently looking at writing an OASIS plugin that 
will output a simple sh configure script and Makefile with the needed commands. 
This should hopefully make life an awful lot easier, as the build process will 
simply be "OASIS" and "Makefile", which are both rather better understood than 

TLDR; use my patched OASIS for now, Raphael is fixing it properly though!




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