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Re: oasis setup error for xen

Hi Yiming,

The OASIS setup isn't needed as the files that are autogenerated are also 
checked in, so it should compile straight from a checkout.  However, read on to 
find out more...

The OASIS in question is actually a patched version that supports the 
'Executable: xen' target, from github.com/avsm/oasis (add-xen branch).  We're 
currently upstreaming only a portion of this patch:

...which is sufficient to output a standalone native object file. This uses the 
-output-obj facility of the OCaml compiler to link all the OCaml modules into 
one native code blob, but to not output a final binary.  This lets us do the 
final link under more controlled conditions.

Recent versions of mirage-platform then bring back the `mir-build` script, 
which converts the native object file into a Xen microkernel.  This two-step 
process makes it far easier to incorporate other backends such as the kFreeBSD 
target in the future.

The 'hello world' Mirage skeleton is in:

I'm assembling a bit more detail in the README there (and hopefully Jon Ludlam 
will commit a suspend/resume-aware version into that repository after the 
holidays too).  Once these new scripts settle down and the OASIS patch is 
upstreamed, I'll sync mirage-www with it.


On 22 Dec 2012, at 21:23, Yiming Zhang <sdiris@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am trying to compile mirage-www for running directly in xen. However, when 
> I run “oasis setup” (I guess it is needed), I got the following error:
> root@zym:~/src/mirage-www/src# oasis setup
> E: Field Target is not defined in schema Executable
> I checked the _oasis file and found one line:
> Target:             xen
> But it seems oasis doesn’t support the “Target” field. Anyone knows the 
> problem?
> Thanks!
> Yiming



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