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Re: Net.Manager

On 22/03/2013 16:24, Haris Rotsos wrote:
Sorry, this makes little sense now that I am reading it again. The
example I am thinking of is a user level network bridge that I am
working on and this approach I think will make my life a bit difficult.
For normal mirage apps the bridging approach should be ok.


Now it is me that understand what you need. I was really confused about that surprisingly, but now it makes sense.

To be really clear, we were talking about two different problems:

1. To handle the creation of virtual ethernet interfaces (TAP) for Mirage. In Linux, it is possible to create such devices or attach to them if they are persistent. In Mac, the only option is to create them.

2. To sniff frames from existing real network interfaces. Indeed, standard linux bridging is probably not providing this feature. For that, there is Harris code in Mirage for Macs, and nothing for Linux yet. For Linux, possibilities include the raw ethernet socket, or bridging+promiscuous mode.

Iâm currently only working on problem 1.

Iâll keep you updated





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