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Re: Mirari template

Sure; Jeremy (CCed) is improving Cohttp+Async support, so depending on it
for the host tools is fine.  Best use it everywhere in Mirari though, if
you use it at all.

The one missing thing in Cohttp/Async is SSL support, which we'll need to
add via an stunnel wrapper for now. Dave, is the existing Xapi stunnel code
in a library, or do we need to extract it?


On 31 Mar 2013, at 14:41, Vincent Bernardoff <vb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 31/03/2013 14:22, Vincent Bernardoff wrote:
>> On 31/03/2013 14:14, Vincent Bernardoff wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Today I tried to use templates to generate the main.ml with Mirari
>>> instead of putting the source code as strings in the program.
>>> You can checkout git://github.com/vbmithr/mirari branch template.
>>> Basically, I added a template/main.ml file which is an OCaml file (the
>>> former generated main.ml) with optcomp directives in it.
>>> Mirari has been modified to output a settings.ml file instead, that is
>>> included by the templated main.ml.
>>> I don't know if it is useful or not, I just started that because I
>>> didn’t like very much the idea to have the generated code embedded in
>>> mirari.ml, and that I needed to modify it to experiment a bit with the
>>> UNIX backend.
>>> What do you think about it, if anything ?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Vincent
>> Just remembered why I did that in the first place: I want the
>> autogenerated main.ml have a different code according to the backend as
>> well, just in case it would be needed. For example, I don’t want to use
>> the Net.Manager for UNIX.
>> Vincent
> Ok to use Core in mirari/mirage, BTW ?
> Vincent



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