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Re: mirage-platform commit on June 26

On 02/07/2013 15:14, Balraj Singh wrote:
Hi Vincent,

Thx for porting to mirari.  I see how it is done now.

I tried the mirage-skeleton version (B=--xen make).  A few things:

In the .conf file I had to change ip-use-dhcp to false.  Then with all the
latest versions I see the same behavior - no packets make it back to the
VIF.  If I revert your commit on June 26, I see arp pkts on the bridge as
expected and I see them on the VIF as well.

With my updated version of mirage-skeleton yesterday, now B=--xen is totally uneeded but that was probably OK.

just do make, and you can even run it directly with mirari run --xen !

However for some reason the
mirage-skeleton version brings up all my VIFs with IP, instead of
the ones I have used in the test ( and  If I
can make it come up with the my IP addrs (or at least different IP addrs),
then I think it will work as expected.

HA ! That look like a problem. Are you really using the mirage backend ? Under UNIX, indeed, all the VIFs are brought up with by default (unless specified otherwise in the .conf file used by mirari), and mirari sets the tap device IP to be

Can you confirm that you are indeed using Xen ?

But yeah I'm quite relieved that the problem seem to be that.
I'll investigate.

I am not sure why it crashes for you.  That's worrying.


Yeah I think there is a big problem with my machine, or something like that. I'll ask Dave to help.





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