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Re: mirage-platform commit on June 26

On 02/07/2013 15:14, Balraj Singh wrote:
In the .conf file I had to change ip-use-dhcp to false.  Then with all the
latest versions I see the same behavior - no packets make it back to the
VIF.  If I revert your commit on June 26, I see arp pkts on the bridge as
expected and I see them on the VIF as well.  However for some reason the
mirage-skeleton version brings up all my VIFs with IP, instead of
the ones I have used in the test ( and  If I
can make it come up with the my IP addrs (or at least different IP addrs),
then I think it will work as expected.

Actually mirari has not yet the ability of configuring different interfaces: As a result, any Xen kernel created with mirari will put the same configuration on any number of vifs, which is a big problem in this case. I'm going to think about how to fix that ASAP for mirari (support multiple interfaces). Then I'll try your test on the UNIX-direct and Xen backends (whenever I'll fix Xen).

In the meantime, please someone test to compile a Xen kernel using the last code (use the opam-repo-dev from the mirage github account).

Balraj just pushed some code to fix mirage-net. I'm going to pull that I think.





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