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Re: Github Releases, with excellent timing

Le mercredi, 3 juillet 2013 Ã 15:27, Anil Madhavapeddy a Ãcrit :
> None of these seem like substantive blockers. A quick online hunt shows that 
> they're planning to extend the API to add Releases when it's stable. An API 
> would let us easily automate including the CHANGES file in the release tag, 
> as well as auto-generating the release tarballs with the autogen files. For 
> now, I've experimentally released ocaml-cow to see what it looks like:

Sure but at that point you actually implemented the damn thing by yourself, 
which does indicates that they released a toyâ


> P.S. By the way opam really needs a way to show things like release notes and 
> readmes associated to a package along with the documentation.

You said:
> This can be done with external tools, which I've started at
> https://github.com/avsm/opam-repo-tools/
> but won't have time to finish for a while. I'll probably extend it as soon as 
> the Release API is out, as that'll save some time.

In fact I realize now that opam's .install files do actually work as 
advertised. I don't think external tools or the github Release API are needed 
here (and we want to be able to consult that while being disconnected).

With install files it's easy to add README{,.md} and CHANGES{,.md} to the doc 
directory of the package located in .opam/$SWITCH/doc/$PKG

So it would just be a matter of looking up if these files exist in that 
directory and spit them out, or simply provide some kind of standard invocation 
to enable easy access to documentation directory of a package.





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